Saturday, February 19, 2011

That's my boy!

Here is the most recent picture of Taylor in the MTC... This is his self-portrait...The photo is flipped (sorry about that,) but it is his version of him with a 12-pack. Hahaha!! That's something I'd truly love to see :-)
For some reason, I really love this one!


Here  he is with his two companions at the temple. I do not hear from him nearly enough! I stole these pictures from Ashley's blog...That's where I go when I want to know what's really happening with that kid! I am glad he is writing her, but hope his focus is where it needs to be the rest of the time. It will be truly interesting to see the changes that occur when he actually gets into the field and begins his missionary work. I hope he never loses that uniqueness that is his alone; at the same time, I look forward to seeing him mature and grow from boy to man. Somehow I think even then, he will manage to keep his inner child alive.

Ah,,, here is a photo that captures the Taylor we all know and love! I have a thousand of these shots through the years! That kid could (and did) fall asleep anywhere.... In the corner, on the toilet (yep, I said toilet!), in his high chair, in the middle of the floor... it didn't matter. All you had to do, was get him to sit still for 2 minutes, and "lights out for Taylor!" Ah, memories~~!!

What's going on in my life? Ron and I are in the middle of trying to buy a new home. That warrants a blog of its own. It is amazing the irony of what qualifies people for a loan these days. Well, there is definitely more to follow on this subject....I will keep you posted.