Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 460, A day in fantasy land

It's the happiest place on earth . . . right?  Good times with good friends . . . What could be better?  I love my friends :-)

I think this one is right
after our trip down Splash Mountain.  We were the only ones brave enough to get wet. 
We may look warm and toasty here, but our behinds and legs were soaking wet~!!

Ug!!!  My stomach hurts
just looking at this picture.  Okay . . . It could be possible that our eyes were far
bigger than our stomachs . . . Just saying it's possible.

What's a trip to the Tiki Garden
without some good old fashioned Dole pineapple ice cream?  I'm sure it couldn't have been
more than 500 calories, right?  We needed something to wash down all that lunch. 
Pathetic as this is, we had ice cream barely an hour after eating our humungous lunch feast.

On the Monorail . . . Four fannies
trying desperately to fit on one bench.  Some of us had a bit more trouble than others.

We stayed until the fireworks . . . and believe it or not . . . we actually ate again! 
I am never eating again.