Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 428: "Men are that they might have joy."

My Missionary Son :-)
My Son the Elder

So, it has been a month and a couple days. Why is that? Certainly not because there is nothing to say!! On the contrary, there is far too much to say. That, you see, is the problem.

There is big news on the home front---We are moving in June. As soon as my darling daughter sends me the C.S. Lewis quote that I somehow sent to cyberspace, I will post a very profound message, with an update on the progress of our new house. I am looking forward to clearing out the clutter and packing for the move. Yes, you read that correctly. It won't be easy; afterall, we've been here for nine years. Nine years. That is the longest I have lived in one house since the days of my childhood. Telling. But more on the house saga later.

Change seems to happen in clusters. In the next few months, I will change homes, change jobs, and my book will be released (finally). My son is serving a full time mission. My other son is working hard at BYU. My daughter has an awesome job and a very handsome hottie that gets hit on by waiters. My other daughter is driving and will be the district representative for her school next year. My mom and dad are cute as can be. My husband keeps a perpetual smile on my face. And my friends make sure I eat lunch at least once a month---so they can see something besides the back of my head (inside joke there).

All this, and General Conference less than two weeks away. Then, to top it off, Women's Conference is just around the corner, which means a trip to Utah for me...and time with Raechel and Andrew.

The sun is shining, the grass is green, my sweetheart loves me, and my car is clean.

Come on, what more could one ask for?

(A best-seller)----Did I say that out loud?

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