Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 457, A Message from My Daughter...

This is actually a stolen post....from the My Friends Call Me Rae-Lo blog, but since it's about me, I figured it deserved top billing on my blog of the month.  In her own words, here is why my daughter loves her mother:

1. She gave me life.

2. She taught me correct principles and then gave me the room I needed to make my own choices, to learn, and to grow.

3. She loves Coke, and loves to use Coke as a way to bond with me.

4. She is 16 at heart.

5. She is talented! This woman is intelligent in all ways - mathematics, sciences, English, music, etc. She's got it all!

6. She is a great Grandma. Even though the only grandchildren she has so far are her step-grandkids, she still loves them as if there were no difference.

7. She is a Christmas Elf.

8. She has now perfected my Grandma's delicious chocolate cake (the only cake that I ever care to eat) so that we can keep it in the family.

9. She does the best Yoda impression I've ever heard.

10. She is MIN-DE-LICIOUS!

I Love You, Mom! 
Happy Mother's Day (yesterday)!

Posted By Raechel to my friends call me Rae-Lo at 5/09/2011 10:52:00 AM

Now... I don't know about you all, but I thoroughly loved this cyberspace Mother's Day card~~!!

Not to mention that she made me look thin :-)

I love my kids~~!!

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