Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 396, Oops, just kidding.

I do not plan to tell you all about yesterday today. I don't even plan to tell you about today today. Instead, I am going to bed... so I can get up early yet again. That's every day this week,,, thank you very much. Can I just say that I detest having to get up earlier than usual? I also am not crazy about having to work every night....instead of read, relax, or write more of my sequel. This has just been one of those weeks. I'll just end my gripe session by saying that after tomorrow, things will settle down a bit... hahahahaha... but be all know that is a lie! Work is pretty crazy right now--that's a good thing.

So, joke was on me today. I took my Honda in at noon so they could install the alarm system, and at 5:00 it still had not been touched. This was the quick little, "it won't take more than an hour to do..." job. Yeah. Sure.

I finally got to watch "Letters to Juliet" tonight. It was worth the wait.

Falling asleep at the wheel.... Goodnight world.

PS, Remind me to update you on my video lesson.

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