Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 431, Something You Love About Yourself

Today's prompt is perhaps even more difficult than yesterday's prompt, only for very different reasons. After all, we spend our whole lives being told that we should not toot our own horn; it's just wrong. Right. And yet, we are also taught that before we can love others, we have to first learn to love ourselves. So, I say, "Toot away!"

One thing I love about myself is my feet. They aren't too big, they have a nice overall shape, they are feminine, the nailbeds are even, the length of my toes descend in perfect proportion, and my arches have just the right amount of curve. All in all, I would say my feet are sexy...especially when freshly manicured.

Hmmmm. I like this game. May I go on? Oh, don't worry, I'm just kidding. Afterall, there's a time to toot, and a time to refrain from tooting ;-)

Hahaha.... I crack myself up.

1 comment:

*Shelli* said...

Ur so cute! I love your beautiful feet. They are happy to be taken care of! :)