Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 444, A Hero That Has Let You Down

There was a time when I believed in Prince Charles and Lady Diana.

I lived millions of girls' dream through Princess Di. I believed in the fairy tale.

In Mindyland, it would have been great if they would have lived happily ever after. What a tragedy that turned out to be. I do recall feeling let down when I found out all was not well in paradise. I of course sided with the tortured Princess who had been duped by a cheating Prince.....but later I would discover that there were two sides to the story....and neither side lived up to the high expectations for which I held Royalty. I mean, heck, if you are to be stationed above everyone else in the country, shouldn't your morals, character, and virtue be beyond reproach?

My heroes are different now. My heroes are heroes because they don't let me down.
My mom and dad are heroes. They married young---ages 16 and 20 respectively---and have been married for 70 years. It's not that staying married in and of itself is heroic, but that they still love each other.

President Spencer W. Kimball is a hero.
President Hinckley is a hero. Sister Hinckley is a hero.
President Monson is a hero.
Jeffrey R. Holland is my hero, because he always speaks directly to my soul.

The pioneers who traveled across the plains are heroes.

My husband is a hero.
My children are heroes.
Those who face their battles with dignity and grace are heroes.
Those who rise each time they fall---those are heroes.
Those who push forward when everyone and everything around them says to give up---those are heroes.

If you think about it, there truly is no shortage of heroes. True heroes~!!
So why focus on the one that let you down?

Let's raise our glass to all the true heroes of the world :-)

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